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Great value high speed stretch wrapping

Do you need your pallets wrapping at 50-100 pallets/hour?

Do you want a pallet wrapping machine that’s reliable, easy to use and won’t break down?

Picture 067We think that the Atlanta Omega rotating ring stretch wrapping machine is just about the best value on the market, and so do our customers! We’ve got many satisfied customers running multiple machines in beverage, food, industrial, warehousing and order fulfilment businesses across the UK and worldwide.

So what makes it so good? We believe it’s a combination of robust and innovative design and build, ease of use and well-thought out features that make it an extremely productive, economical machine with very low maintenance. For example:

  • It doesn’t need any operator intervention other than changing the rolls of film.
  • The film is pre-stretched automatically which greatly increases the yield from a roll of film.
  • The machine can run at up to 150 pallets per hour so is ideal for high speed applications.
  • The film tail gets welded automatically at the end of the wrap cycle to avoid loose tails.
  • It has a unique film delivery system that calculates the exact amount of film required so there is no wastage and you can make significant savings on film usage.
  • The rotating ring is lighter and stronger than other machines and allows the machine to achieve high rotation speeds quickly and safely.
  • There is now a double headed model available for very high production requirements.
  • There’s also now an automatic film reel change option.
  • The Omega can be shipped in one piece so it’s much quicker to install and start running.

You can see more information and videos on our website.

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