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How to make your pallet wrapping faster and safer

Is it taking too long to wrap your pallets ready for despatch? Are your forklift/ride-on drivers spending too much time manually wrapping pallets? Is your current pallet wrapping set-up time-consuming, inefficient and constantly in need of repair?

These are common problems for many of our customers working in warehouse/distribution operations. A good solution could be an automatic Mytho  pallet wrapping workstation. Using this type of system will cut down the number of operational steps needed to wrap your pallets by 50%.  It will make life easier for your operators, saving them time and you money. Mytho Station

This ‘drop and go’ system means your forklift drivers don’t need to constantly dis-mount and re-mount their trucks or ride-ons. The pallets are simply placed on the conveyor and the rest happens automatically. Operators don’t need to spend time waiting for the wrap, bending, attaching and cutting the film tail. The film tail can be automatically welded to the side of the load.

So the health and safety risks associated with bending, slipping, tripping and falling are greatly reduced. Operator time is reduced, wrap quality and speed is improved making the whole process much more efficient. What’s not to like? Contact us if you’d like more advice or information and our experienced team will be happy to help.

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