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Horizontal stretch wrapping for larger products

We don’t talk about them much on this blog, but we have a range of horizontal stretch wrapping machines that are really well  suited to wrapping long lengths of product such as PVCu and aluminium extrusions, timber sections and other collations – products that aren’t easy to wrap with conventional wrapping machinery. The elasticity of the film holds multiple products tightly together to prevent damage caused by vibration during transit.

This type of wrapping is suitable for long products as well as other common items such as furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, tyres, doors and components. Ultra large ring sizes are available to wrap complete palletised loads, with and without the pallet. We can also offer automatic skid feeding and wrapping if required, such as for roofing panels and plasterboard/plywood sheeting. We’ve got several types of machinery available:

SEMI AUTOMATIC – with these machines the product is pushed through the machine as the ring applies film.  There is an automatic film cut off feature so the operator doesn’t have to reach into the machine to start or stop the cycle.

FULLY AUTOMATIC  – with these machines the product is placed on the feeding conveyor and then automtically transported into the machine, wrapped and discharged. There’s no operator intervention other than to replace rolls of film or initiate the automatic cycle.

FULLY AUTOMATIC 6 sided cover with bubble wrap – for a fully enclosed 6-sided wrap, a curtain of film or bubble wrap is placed before the wrapping head. As the product enters the machine, film is applied to the exposed ends of the item as the rotating reel applies separate film to the 4 sides holding the other film in place.

See our web page for more information and product videos.

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