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Atlanta Revolution wraps pallet loads of butter

We’ve recently installed an Atlanta Revolution LS (low speed) machine at Lakeland Dairies, County Cavern in Ireland. The robust Revolution is a fully automatic stretcch wrapping machine with a four post design and a rotating arm.

005 4 scattiThis particular model was fitted with PRS pre stretch film and a film tail welding device for maximum economy. It sits on the end of a palletiser and wraps palletised loads of butter on Chep, Euro and half Euro pallet bases. It’s a very efficient machine, easy to install and use, and with the flexibility to adjust the tension of the film as necessary – this can also be different at the bottom and the top as well as when wrapping up and down. It can run at up to 80 pallets an hour depending on the number of revolutions needed to complete the wrap.

For more information and videos take a look at our website.



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