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As the Atlanta business approaches it’s tenth birthday, company founder Mr Angelo Forni talked to the press about the Atlanta business, its beginnings and where the business is going.

Atlanta Stretch SpA is a leading European manufacturer of pallet wrapping systems. In particular, it produces automatic and semi-automatic machines to wrap pallets with stretch film. The company was founded in 2005 by Mr Angelo Forni – a man with extensive experience in the industry.

With an annual output of around 2500 machines and a turnover forecast of €20 million for the current financial year, Atlanta Stretch is now one of the leading players in the European packaging industry. It is able to offer the entire range of automatic and semi-automatic stretch film wrapping machines. The latter can easily be introduced as part of the production chain thanks to their high flexibility. “We work both with international distributors and end customers,” explained Mr Forni. “Today we are one of the three main producers of these types of machines in Europe, in terms of the number of items produced.”

cropped-mytho-easy-prs-for-wordpress1.jpgOver the past few years, the company has never stopped researching and de­veloping new products. Among the latest models are the Mytho and Lybra station machines. The Mytho Automatic is a standalone wrapping turntable with clamp and cutting system, whereas the Lybra station is equipped with a rotating arm.

They are both fully automatic. “Our 30-year experience has enabled us to produce a complete range of machines, from our MYTHO turntable pallet stretch wrappers to our REVOLUTION rotary arm pallet stretch wrappers and our OMEGA rotating ring pallet stretch wrappers with jumbo reel facility,” explained Mr Forni.

The new MYTHO-A turntable is a unique, compact, double reel automatic stretch wrapping machine with a much higher level of performance than previ­ous models. It’s exceptionally good value for money and fits into small spaces. This double reel machine can wrap faster so more wraps can be added to make heavier and more secure products. They can also rotate unstable products more slowly if needed. “We patented the double reel feature mounted on the same axis,” continued Mr Forni. “This translates into cost cutting and time saving operations. We are the only producer in Europe to provide this product.”

Increasing production capacity

The significant growth in the number of items produced has created the need for new facilities. Atlanta Stretch now runs three plants in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna. The main plant is in Poggio Berni, in the Province of Rimini, where the design and production operations are carried out. “Starting from next year, the production of the two main product families will be kept separate and our third site of Pietracuta will be solely dedicated to the production of the REVOLUTION models,” added Mr Forni.

Geographical markets and investments

Atlanta Stretch mainly operates on the international markets. “Our main geographical markets, aside from Europe, are South Africa and South America, the Middle East – especially Turkey – and some of the former Soviet Union countries,” said Mr Forni.

Last year, the company made an important investment in its future when it took over another Italian company. The importance of this acquisition lies in the fact that it can now add taping machines and box machines to its product offering. “The company has kept its old name, Comarme, as this is a very important name in the Italian industry. It would have celebrated 100 years of business if it hadn’t gone bankrupt,” said Mr Forni. “It is now fully owned by Atlanta Stretch. We are more competitive than ever.”

Future goals

“Our main goal is to expand our presence in the developing markets through new investments. The markets we are looking to move into are China, India, South America and the USA,” explained Mr Forni. “We plan to set up production plants in loco. In the next three years, we aim to have our machines produced in these three strategic geographical areas.”


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